Sunday, December 28, 2008

Monetize Your Site

High Paying Alternative to Google adsense:


Chitika is like adsense(can be used together with adsense) in that you place ads on your website with revenue with each click through from a visitor. However the ads are only visible when the visitor enters your site from a search engine, giving more results of ads that are more specific to the visitors interest, making it more likely for them to click through.

Mentioned in:
New York Times
Wall Street Journal

2) AdBrite

Also featured in Wallstreet Journal, Los Angeles times, Adbrite is one of the better known alternatives to Adsense, and is considered to be a high-paying option, offering as much as 75% of the ad revenue generated (in other words, you keep 75% of the ad income, Adbrite gets the other 25%). They offer a wide variety of formats in both text and image ads.

Adbrite also offers what are known as 'inline' ads, an option not available through Adsense. These are the double-underline words in your page text (as sometimes seen here at eHow). Mousing over the words causes a related ad to open up.


Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser.

How much do I earn per click?

Max bid is the maximum that the advertiser is willing to pay for each click.
The real cost-per-click of each advertiser is $0.01 above the next closest competitor. BidVertiser will always display the highest bidders on your site, assuring the maximum revenue possible at any given time, while maximizing the effectiveness of our advertisers' ads.


This site has some great reviews at forums. Apparently, the bidding is high (that is, the ads have a large payout), Clicksor pays a generous percentage to publishers (that would be you!), and there is a lot of versatility in how and where ads can be displayed. Clicksor also has a good reputation as far as doing an excellent job in placing context-relevant ads on your site.

CASHBACK OFFER for Top Web Hosting

You may have seen hundreds of websites that list top webhosting sites. The main reason being these webhosting sites pay big money, up to $80 for each referral signup while you get nothing in return.

Bigcrumbs is offering a cashback deal for the top hosting sites:

Yahoo Webhosting - $36 cashback
Godaddy - $58 Economy plan, $95 Deluxe plan

Please see my post on Bigcrumbs below.
Note: Delete all cookies and link to site of choice immediately before making purchase, and do not surf other sites after linking to a website.